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This too shall pass, a 2020 memoir

Although most of us would love to pretend this year didn't happen - it did. The rollercoaster of emotions we're feeling is real. The effect on our daily lives and the way we function in society is real. The permanent impact on the economy is real. The fact that many of us haven't eaten out, seen a live concert or hugged our loved ones in over nine months - all too real.

One thing that has helped us through these hard times is music. Something so powerful that it can pull us from the darkest moments. Something that brings us together, heals broken hearts, transports us to different times and places - and so much more. This New Year's Eve, we are thankful that no matter how hard it tried, the pandemic couldn't take music away from us.

Our philosophy at Department is that a well-curated, well-loved record collection has the ability to lift and heal us. Please enjoy our end-of-year playlist which explores the ups and downs of this transformative, unprecedented year. Know that better days are coming, and until then - you are not alone. <3

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