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Brandon & Katie here-

We had a light-bulb moment not too long ago while slowly building our vinyl collection; there were too few options on the market for record storage that had a real designer's eye behind them. We know that finding a stylish way to show off your record collection can be a pain. We've been there too, so we put together this free guide to help you find your ideal record storage set up a whole lot easier.

Avid Vinyl Collectors with

8+ Years of Furniture Design & Building Experience.

This Guide Will Show You How To


Pinpoint exactly what you are looking for in your record listening area set up


Tell quality, handmade furniture apart from cheaper, mass-produced junk


Judge whether the asking price is fair, or if you should look elsewhere

What Our Customers Say

This record cabinet is an absolute beauty and now takes pride of place in our living room. The online photos don’t do justice to the rich finish, and the whole piece is flawless. We love it!

-- Peter

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