Department is a husband and wife team that began with buying and selling vintage Mid Century Modern furniture and has evolved into handcrafted, simply designed furniture with a focus on vinyl record collections.


We had a lightbulb moment not too long ago while slowly building our vinyl collection; there were too few options on the market for record storage that had a real designers eye behind them. With over eight years of the furniture industry behind us, we wanted to bring our vision for record storage to the market. We focused our design on Quality, Affordability (no wholesale, direct to consumer) and Function. The cabinets you see today are thousands of hours of: love, labor, wrongs and rights, highs, lows, more labor and everything in between. 


We're passionate about music and we have a thing for analog. Mostly newbies to the hifi world - we're learning day by day. There is no greater feeling than picking up a new album, giving it a spin and listening with loved ones. If you're here on our site, you get it.


Located in Chicago's Ukrainian Village neighborhood.

Brandon - Woodworker Cabinet maker - Custom Cabinets - Record Storage Cabinets


Designer & Builder

Katie - Mid Century Modern inspired design- interior disign - record collectig - vinyl record enthusiast


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